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Clinical Excellence to yield high quality data

We understand that successful and timely delivery of quality data makes clinical monitoring one of the most crucial areas of the R&D process in clinical trials. It is the area where quality is generated and ultimately, in the most part, a large percentage of the overall study budget. This is highly influenced by the Clinical team, specifically by the Clinical Research Associates (CRA) who are responsible for the timely availability of clean trial data.

All of orphan reach’s clinical team members undergo a thorough selection process that ensures they meet the high standards of quality and professionalism expected in Clinical Research. In general our Senior CRAs and CRAs will have a Bachelor’s Degree or Masters in allied health fields such as Nursing, Pharmacy, or Health / Natural Science. They will have a minimum of either a) 4 years of clinical trial monitoring experience, or b) RN with Associates Degree or c) 3 year Nursing Diploma with at least 2 years of clinical nursing experience and 4 years of clinical trial monitoring experience. Our CRAs are confident and self-motivated and possess good leadership and organisational / time management skills.

Ultimately our CRAs are the “ambassadors” of our sponsors with the capability to open doors for their sales force and so we ensure that they positively convey the sponsor’s corporate image by building up strong relationships with the Investigators involved.

As all of our CRAs are based locally they are familiar with specific cultural and regional know-how required for each study. orphan reach uses well established resourcing strategies that are modified based on the feasibility recommendations of the individual projects involved and allow quick assembly of a team that fits the actual needs of each of the studies. This resourcing strategy takes into account the availability of resources in each country.

Why not see the difference that our CRA can make to your trial?

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