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Recruitment of patients in rare disease trials can be very challenging. orphan reach, through its experience in rare disease trials, applies various strategies to accelerate patient recruitment. We foster close relationship to key opinion leaders, to ascertain real-life experience and involve them very early in the development program. We train and educate investigators and lead initiatives to improve disease awareness. We link with patient advocacy groups and obtain valuable input from patients themselves. We establish a patient recruitment plan and explore patient registries and referral sites. We proactively collaborate with health authorities early in the development program.

We nurture excellent global contacts with Clinical Research Networks, indication specific Investigator Networks and Patient Advocacy Groups. We also engage referral sites, pre-identify patients at site and use relationship marketing experts. Combining the various measures in an effective way helps us to meet or exceed patient inclusion timelines.

Our patient recruitment services:

Global feasibility studies

Our expert local knowledge and teams on the ground in each country facilitates close contact with investigators and sites. The existing relationships of our clinical teams in the respective countries with investigators and site staff, is fully leveraged during our feasibility process and throughout the study.

These strong and established relationships with experienced investigators help to facilitate a timely but comprehensive feasibility assessment to ensure the most appropriate and best recruiting sites are chosen for our sponsor’s project.

We hold a global Investigator database to support the feasibility process which holds information on the following key parameters:

– Potential patients per site

– Concurrent and competitive studies per site

– Study staff availability

– Predicted degree of dedication to the study

– Previous performance on similar studies

– Predicted Investigator fees

If you are searching for a way to shorten your study timelines then our targeted approach to Investigator recruitment, combined with our local experience on a global basis, is the answer.



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