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orphan reach is a truly progressive and innovative organisation. Our pioneering thinking and adaptability guarantees successful collaborations with the world’s most innovative biotech and pharmaceutical companies and excellent opportunities for our personnel.

At orphan reach we see our personnel as “Ambassadors” of our company and our sponsors and so we treat them accordingly with the respect and investment such a crucial role demands.

Our expert team is the heart of our organisation and our most valuable asset, so we are extremely committed to identifying, developing and retaining individuals as part of our truly dynamic and innovative team.

It is in our direct interests to have highly motivated team members so we place great impetus on comprehensive training, development and career advancement of our personnel to ensure they reach their full potential. We strive to attain the highest quality in everything we undertake, so we are seeking personnel that express a conscientious attitude and take pride in their work. With good communication, organisational and interpersonal skills we are looking for experienced, independent and pro-active individuals.

Our culture

orphan reach is not just “another CRO”. Our unique model and organisational structure allow us greater flexibility and control over our operations and resourcing which we extend to the benefit of our personnel.

These are just some of the reasons we are confident that you will want to choose a career with orphan reach:

  • orphan reach does not overload its personnel. By closely evaluating the free resource allocation and availability before proposing a candidate to a sponsor, not only can we specifically meet a client’s needs but this also gives us greater control over workload. Our team members are fully involved in this process and so we give our personnel direct input into the kind of projects they would like to work on. This avoids overloading and unnecessary pressure on our team members.
  • orphan reach acknowledges that its personnel drive its business and maintain a clear focus on this. For example, the often perceived misbalance between the clinical monitors’ acknowledgement by their employers (usually traditional full service CROs) on one hand and their important role as a major trial contributor throughout a clinical study on the other, is motivation enough for orphan reach to ensure that we put the importance of the clinical monitor – the CRA – back into focus.
  • At orphan reach we are renowned for our flexibility and we offer office and field based positions.
  • A position within the orphan reach team presents an excellent opportunity to further your career and be given the chance to work with a high level of responsibility and independence.
  • At orphan reach we have a comprehensive training scheme and are highly committed to the development and retention of our personnel.
  • With our breadth of customers, there will be a wide choice of projects that will offer diversity and more interesting experience for our clinical team members.
  • orphan reach supports its personnel before, during and after the conduct of a project. We are interested in a long-term professional relationship with our personnel over short-term gains.
  • Although automated processes linked to the recruitment and management of human resources are important, it is our strong belief that the personal human approach cannot be replaced by anonymity and technical perfection. This is why at orphan reach we emphasise the importance of close and frequent personal contact with our personnel at every aspect of our professional action.
  • With an attractive compensation package you will be working in a personal and friendly environment.
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